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Hope - Finding and nurturing hope has been described as a key to recovery. 


Secure base - having appropriate housing, a sufficient income, freedom from violence, and              adequate access to health care 


Self - Recovering a durable sense of self (identity) if it has been lost or taken away


Supportive relationships - being in the presence of others who stand by me &

     believe in my potential to recover


Empowerment and Inclusion - developing the confidence for independent, assertive          decision making  and  having choices over my life


Coping strategies - Developing coping and problem solving skills to manage individual traits        and problem issues - identify key stress points and possible crisis points.


Meaning - Developing a sense of meaning and overall purpose. This may involve recovering or            developing a social or work role. It may also involve renewing or finding a guiding philosophy, religion,      political affiliation or culture.                                                                                                                         (Wikipedia, 2010)
































This video is one man's journey of recovery from mental illness. He has some good tips.